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Eric St-Pierre is a Canadian based professional photojournalist who is specializes on fair trade since 1996.

His fair trade journey started in 1996, with Laure Waridel, when they undertook a first journey among small-scale fair trade coffee producers members of UCIRI in Mexico. Upon return, with many other colleagues, they founded the "Just Coffee" campaign supported to this day by Equiterre. Since this first journey, Eric visited 4 times the members of UCIRI, more than 15 countries (Tanzania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Chili, Argentina, Ethiopia, Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka and the Dominican Republic) and documented as many different fair trade products (coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar, cotton, rice, wine, quinoa, shea butter, nuts, guarana, arts and craft, spices, flowers and bananas). In Quebec, with various partners, including Oxfam Quebec, he presented 4 major photo exhibits on fair trade (Visages Café, 1998, Kilimanjaro, 2001, Des Peuples et du café, 2004; L'essence d'une vie: Le riz biologique et équitable, 2006). He also published 3 books of photographs on fair trade, the first entitled "Des Peuples et du Café", in 2003, and Le Commerce équitable: quand des hommes défient le marché, in 2008, published by Les éditions Aubanel in France. His latest, Fair Trade : a human journey, launch in April 2010, is the most complete book of photographs on fair trade. He also collaborated to the different books of Laure Waridel, gave many conferences and interviews on fair trade.

Graduated in photography from Dawson college Eric St-Pierre also completed a bachelor in geography from Concordia University in 1997. He worked 3 years for the newspaper La Presse and then at Le Devoir for 2 years. In 2002 he became the main photographer and director of photography for Au Québec Magazine, a role he maintained for 4 years. Besides fair trade, he also did many social oriented photo documentaries with Oxfam Québec, CIDA and Le Cirque du Soleil.

His stock images on fair trade range in the thousands of photographs with many portraits, every day life activities and the various stages in the cultivation and transformation of fair traded products. These images are available for educational or promotional purposes through the payment of reproduction fees. Eric St-Pierre is also available for specific assignments on social and environmental issues as well as photo documentaries on international aid and sustainable development, or for more corporate or editorial oriented photography. His photographs won many prices and nominations at the LUX photo contest in Quebec. In 2007 he was selected among "10 fair trade pioneers in Canada" by Transfair Canada.

Married and father of three children, Eric St-Pierre speaks French, English, Spanish, and a base in Portuguese

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